Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI)

Welcome to Aidias Consulting Group’s dedicated training programs for the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
(BFSI) sector, where expertise meets innovation for the modern financial landscape.

Introducing our latest addition to the team, Mrs. Madhurima Gupta, a seasoned banking and financial services expert
with a rich background including stints at industry titans like Citigroup and ICICI. Leveraging her invaluable
experience, Aidias Consulting Group has meticulously crafted a series of dynamic and effective training programs
tailored specifically for the BFSI sector.

In today’s dynamic BFSI landscape, three key challenges stand out, each addressed with precision in our training

1. High Attrition Rate: With an influx of B-school graduates from Generation Z, frequent job shifts challenge talent

2. Human Touch in a Digital Age: Despite India spearheading the digital movement, trust and enduring relationships
are still built on genuine human interactions.

3. Lifetime Value of Customers: Banking officials often grapple with managing long-term client relationships and
offering them diverse banking and financial options due to skill gaps.

With these challenges at the forefront, ACG has meticulously curated three comprehensive training programs
tailored to different hierarchical levels within the BFSI sector:

1. Managerial/Leadership Development Program:
– Addressing High Attrition Rate: This program focuses on nurturing leadership qualities and providing management
skills to banking professionals. By investing in leadership development, organizations can create a conducive
environment for growth and career progression, thereby enhancing employee retention.
– Cultivating Human Touch: Effective leadership involves fostering a culture of empathy, collaboration, and trust.
Through interactive workshops and case studies, participants learn to lead by example, emphasizing the importance
of genuine human connections in the digital age.
– Enhancing Customer Lifetime Value: Managers equipped with leadership skills can guide their teams to cultivate
long-term relationships with clients, understanding their evolving needs and providing personalized financial

2. Customer Service Excellence:
– Mitigating High Attrition Rate: By instilling a customer-centric approach, this program reinforces the importance of
client satisfaction in driving loyalty and retention. Employees trained in delivering exceptional customer service are
more likely to stay committed to their roles.
– Amplifying Human Touch: Customer service excellence goes beyond efficiency; it encompasses empathy, active
listening, and personalized assistance. Through role-playing exercises and scenario-based training, participants learn
to navigate digital platforms while maintaining the warmth of human interactions.
– Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value: By consistently exceeding customer expectations, frontline staff can foster
trust and loyalty, thereby increasing the lifetime value of clients and encouraging repeat business.

3. Selling Skills for Non-Sales People:
– Adapting to High Attrition Rate: With a focus on equipping non-sales professionals with essential selling skills, this
program empowers employees to explore diverse career paths within the organization, reducing the impact of high
attrition rates.
– Balancing Human Touch with Digital Advancements: Participants learn to leverage digital tools while retaining the
personal touch essential for effective selling. By understanding customer preferences and behaviors, they can tailor
their approach to forge meaningful connections and drive sales.
– Driving Customer Lifetime Value: Non-sales professionals play a crucial role in building rapport with clients and
identifying opportunities for upselling or cross-selling. Through targeted training, they can contribute to enhancing
customer lifetime value and overall business growth.

By addressing these challenges through specialized training programs, organizations can equip their workforce with
the skills and mindset needed to thrive in the ever-evolving BFSI sector. Our programs are meticulously designed to
bridge the gap between digital advancements and the necessity for genuine human interactions. By honing in on
crucial skills, we empower banking professionals to deliver exceptional customer experiences, foster enduring
relationships, and navigate the evolving BFSI landscape with confidence.

Join us in transforming the BFSI sector, one empowered professional at a time. Embrace innovation. Elevate
expertise—experience excellence with Aidias Consulting Group.

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