Aidias Consulting Group believes in collaborating with organizations who could add value to  businesses through their services and solutions. In sync with the focus of enhancing human  motivation, Aidias Consulting Group, has collaborated with four unique solution providers who  directly impact business growth and profitability. 

Worxogo Solutions

The pandemic has impacted businesses across industries. MSME organizations are no exceptions. Their challenges are different from those faced by large corporate business houses. One of the key limitations which MSME organizations have realized during this pandemic is the quality of manpower at their disposal to quickly adapt to the changing business dynamics. The group of experienced professionals at Aidias Consulting Group have curated an effective solution for MSME organizations which will assist the organizations to optimize costs to improve operating profit.

Retail Scan Private Limited

Retail Scan provides services to giant organizations like HUL, Johnson & Johnson, ITC, Reckitts and similar organizations. The most unique service offered by Retail Scan is based on the database of more than 200000 retailers in the country whose bank account details and KYC is available with Retail Scan. These retailers are the top selling retailers in their respective markets. Through the proprietary app called Ezee Pay, Retail Scan transfers incentives earned by retailers directly to their bank accounts. This is a source of tremendous motivation to the retailers who otherwise receive their incentives based on the different levels of hierarchy in the distribution channel. Retail Scan also provides reports on critical stock availability and POS status through their feet on street stationed in nearly 750 locations in India. Competition Intelligence Report is another service which these large organizations avail from Retail Scan.


Data Integration Solution- Every business receives and supplies goods to multiple organizations. Typically, the goods are supplied accompanied by some document from the supplier which has the necessary details and document is modelled as per the configuration of the ERP system of the supplier. These details are manually reentered in the ERP system of the buying organization. Manual entry takes time and is susceptible to human errors. Edisphere Data Integration Solution provides data transfer facility between unrelated ERP systems in a secure and controlled manner. Large logistics companies and port operators are the biggest clients of Edisphere. Edisphere provides a free Proof of Concept to prospective clients before they can subscribe to their services.

Chainflux Blockchain Solutions

Chainflux uses blockchain technology for traceability solutions. Presently, NSE has approved Chainflux for mineral and metal trading traceability. Organic foofd product supply chains use Chainflux solutions to trace the authenticity of their products. Exports of meat, poultry and fish use Chainflux solutions to provide traceability transparency to the supply chain and the end customer.