Recruitment Services

At Aidias Consulting Group with our collective experience for having worked with large corporate organisations in India and abroad and over 19 years of experience in consulting with both family-run and professionally run organisations we have come to the conclusion that the biggest issue in recruitment is the amount of time needed by senior management to find the right candidate. We believe that this is a hidden cost which can be reduced if the final decision-making authority for approving any recruitment spends minimum time to find the correct candidate. Our process in Aidias Consulting Group along with our connections (primarily through the alumni network of prestigious academic institutions) helps us in sourcing, filtering, short listing and placing candidates for final selection in a manner that reduces the time of the selection committee team or personal. Our experience suggests that for any particular position, the client organisation should not interview more than 5 candidates to find the correct one. Now in order to meet this outcome and objective there are 4 basic step that we follow at Aidias Consulting. We call that process FAST.

F is the Filtering of the Candidates – based on criteria which are mutually agreed between Aidias and the client organisation so that the search and selection is within the defined framework.

A is for Attract Talent – Often in many organisations the employer’s image of the organisation is either non existent or minimal because of which the organisation finds it difficult to attract the best talent. This is where the network and the influence of the professionals and the team members of Aidias Consulting Group comes in handy to help organisations which are not very well known as employers to attract the best talent available in the industry.

S is the Selection Procedure – which is adopted at Aidias Consulting Group to filter and identify candidates who are suitable for the vacant position. The process ensures that there is at least 80% match of the candidate with the requirement of must have criteria needed in the person for fulfilling that job role. These criteria are around Knowledge, Experience, Skill and Attitude. With the filtration at this granular level, it ensures that the client organisation finds or discovers their candidate virtually within 5 interviews.

T is Time bound Approach – Aidias consulting has a very strict internal SOP based on which every milestone in a recruitment process is defined as per time. The requirement of time naturally is more as the seniority of position goes up. However, the timelines are agreed upon with the client and normally adhered to in at least 80-85% of the cases. In case there is a spill over of the time it is more due to lack of interest of the candidate rather than the time to identify the candidate.

So, this FAST method of recruitment process and methods help Aidias Consulting Group to save time for the senior members of client organisations which is an indirect contribution to the profitability.


- Sudeshna Ghoshal

- Tirthankar Basu

- Rita Bibra