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Aidias Consulting Group services for MSME organizations- Reduce cost. Improve profit.

The pandemic has impacted businesses across industries. MSME organizations are no exceptions. Their challenges are different from those faced by large corporate business houses. One of the key limitations which MSME organizations have realized during this pandemic is the quality of manpower at their disposal to quickly adapt to the changing business dynamics. The group of experienced professionals at Aidias Consulting Group have curated an effective solution for MSME organizations which will assist the organizations to optimize costs to improve operating profit.

The step-wise approach is pictorially depicted below:

Aidias Consulting Group offers one-stop solution for improving profit by cost optimization

Aidias Consulting Group is able to provide a one-stop solution to MSME organizations for cost optimization and improving profit due to several reasons which are unique to ACG:

★The team of professionals which will guide the MSME organizations are a mix of experience that is required to formulate the strategy and execute the same. The team comprises of one person who is a chartered accountant and cost accountant with global exposure; two engineers with MBA who have considerable experience in variety of industries and an economist who has worked for The World Bank.
★Aidias Consulting Group has a unique approach to assess costs in a business enterprise. Experience suggests that hidden costs are often ignored by business organizations which impact all the other costs which an organization incurs.
★A comprehensive approach to increase competitiveness is offered by Aidias Consulting Group because of the multi-dimensional experience available with the team at Aidias Consulting Group. No functional area in any business enterprise is outside the experience of the team. This approach enables the MSME to identify multiple levers suited to meet the needs of the changing business dynamics.
★The experienced professionals at Aidias Consulting Group work with the employees of the MSME organization and assist them in implementing the recommendations for the organization. This hands-on training of the employees is a great value addition of the services provided by Aidias Consulting Group.
★Finally, the professional fees charged by Aidias Consulting Group is a mix of fixed fees and performance linked remuneration. This demonstrates the confidence and commitment of the team of professionals at Aidias Consulting Group towards the MSME organizations.